Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hello !!!

As I mentioned last week, couple of changes happened with my wedding plan.

Due to family matters, geographic issues (most of the guest are out of town) and the financial situation of the country (and ours), we’ve both decided it would be better postpone the date for the wedding.

So, for now, no religious ceremony or big reception will be happening until 2010.

Disappointed??? Not much… after all, what is a celebration, if it isn’t the way you planned it or if you cannot have your dear friends and family near you?? We can wait…

However, as we are having our parents coming from out of town this next summer/fall (his parents live in FL and mine in Brazil), we are still considering having a civil ceremony followed with a family dinner.

Excited? A lot!! Gives me something to plan for this year :-)

I will be sharing everything, of course… But from now on, I will be posting on my new blog.
Yes!!! After a very busy, crazy week, my new blog is finally done !!!!
Hope to see all of you over there.