Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome! Welcome!

What a better way to welcome the week with welcome bags ideas.

Welcome bags or boxes are a nice way to thank your guests for being part of your celebration, especially if they are coming from out of town.

Here are some cute ones:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chivari Chairs

There is something about Chivari chairs that I love! Nothing against the covered chairs with bows. I am just not a huge fan of them.
Chivaris are elegant just the way they are.

Surfing around the net, I've found Chivari chairs with an extra touch and had to share. Aren't they lovely?

If you are having Chivaris for your wedding, even if you add a little something to the groom's and bride's chairs only, it will make a beautiful difference.

Image 01-laura novak; image 02-azul photography; image 03-sms photography; image 04-honours hiers fine art photography; image 05-jennifer skog; image 06-david wolf.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding Fanatic

This week, I’ve got my profile uploaded at Wedding Fanatic and I am ready to go… Now, besides, I will also be posting over at the WeddingFanatic’s blog.
How exciting is that??

WeddingFanatic’s author is Katie Olson. “She’s been quite the wedding fanatic for some time! She currently operates City Chic, a Kansas City based wedding planning and coordinating company. She also has a few other wedding-related projects in the works.”

Check out for tips, planning ideas and inspirations.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Have you ever thought of having a not so formal RSVP card for your wedding, but didn’t know exactly the right words to use?
Below are a few options of fun and funny RSVP wording for a casual / informal celebration from Verseit. They have a huge collection of verse choices for many different occasions.
Hope you enjoy it!

Please join us for the celebration. Respond by DATE
____ Yes, we're looking forward to the party.
____ Sorry, can't make it, but are sending good wishes!

Please respond on or before DATE
M ___________________
can / cannot accept your kind invitation to the wedding

Please come, rain or shine!
Let us know by DATE
M ________________
___ I'll have my umbrella on hand!
___ I'll have to take a rain check!

Please respond tu us by DATE
____Tu fun tu resist!
____Tu bad we have plans.

The daisies will wilt without you!
Please respond by DATE
___ Yes! We'll bring our watering can!
___ No! But save the petals for us!

Your invite turns into a pumpkin after midnight of DATE
M ____________
___ We'll be there with bells on!
___ The video version will have to do!

Reserve your good seats by DATE
__Touchdown! Will be there!
__ Time Out! Can't make it.

Ready to celebrate?Let us know by this date: DATE
___ Sounds great...we won't be late!
__ Just can't make it...but congratulations!

Please be snappy and respond by DATE
___ Yes, we'll be in the picture!
___ Sorry, we're not wishes!

M __________________
___Looking forward to the toasting,dining, dancing and reminiscing!Number attending __
___ Can't attend, but we send NAME our best.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They need our help!

Two Blogger Brides need our votes to win fantastic prizes for their wedding.

Dana, The Broke-ass Bride, is getting married on May 24, 2009 and is competing for a awesome honeymoon in Costa Rica.
You can vote for her once a day everyday on Facebook, on Twitter or here.
For more information visit her blog:

Christy, Disney Princessc, is getting married on June 12, 2010 and is also competing for a great prize: Free wedding reception from Receptions Inc.
For more details and information on how to vote for Christy and David, visit their blog HERE.
Let's help them get their dream prizes!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tic Tac - Tic Tac

Talking about countdowns… I would like to share this cute countdown from countdowntimes.
It will help you countdown the days, the hours, the minutes, and the seconds until your big day.
Once you have reached that special day, the clock can also be used to display the current date and time.

image borrowed from here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - Wedding Countdown

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

I new year just begun and I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you lots of happiness, love, health, prosperity, peace and… planning.

As a bride, a whole brand new year means: new trends, new ideas to dig into, new wedding TV shows, new wedding websites, new wedding posts, and new wedding blogger friends to share and celebrate.

I decided to start 2009 posting a to-do-list that I had put together from many different sources to make sure each one of us will be on track during the following months ahead of us. Ready for the countdown?

Good luck and lots of success.

12 months
Think about the big picture: style, size, date, site.
Draw up a budget.
Hire a wedding consultant if necessary.
Reserve the ceremony and reception sites.

11 – 9 months
Start looking for dresses in magazines and web sites.
Look for caterer, baker, florist, dj, photographer and videographer.
Think about your floral decor.
Choose your attendants.
Begin compiling the guest list.
Choose and order your dress.

8 – 6 months
Mail save-the-date cards.
Book your caterer, florist, dj or band, photographer and videographer.
Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses.
Order wedding bands.
Order your invitations.
Book a calligrapher.
Start planning honeymoon.

5 - 3 months
Meet with vendors to plan specific details.
Hire limos for the wedding party.
Register for gifts.
Finalize the guest list.
Schedule the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.
Order bridesmaids’ dresses.
Go over ceremony details with your officiant.
Order favors

2 – 1 months
Mail your invitation.
Get program printed.
Write your ceremony vows.
Do a trial hair-and-makeup run with stylists, or start practicing if you’re doing this yourself.
Submit shot lists to the photographer and a play list to your DJ or band leader.
Finalize seating.
Update your registry.

2-1 weeks before
Call anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d.
Pack for honeymoon.
Submit final guest count to caters.
Confirm details with vendors.
Pick up your dress.
Give ceremony readers their scripts.
Throw the bridesmaids’ luncheon or party.
Purchase gifts for parents, attendants, and each other.

1 day before
Provide all wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding.
Get a manicure and pedicure.
Hold the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Day of the wedding
Relax and Enjoy.