Monday, October 27, 2008

My Fair Wedding

Ok! Confession: I am totally addicted to party/wedding planning TV shows!! What can I do?!?
Just like many other “plannerdicters” I couldn’t wait to watch the premier of My Fair Wedding last night on WEtv. LOVED IT !!!
My Fair Wedding is hosted by the celebrity party planner David Tutera.
Tutera’s mission on the show is - without changing the bride’s wedding theme - to transform what could be a disaster into a platinum style affair.
During a full hour you can delight yourself with David’s amazing ideas and creativity.
My Fair Wedding airs every Sunday on WEtv at 10PM. Stay tuned!
I am already looking forward for the next episode.

My Fair Wedding - Oct 26th - South Beach Soiree (pics from MyFairWedding)


  1. Hi there, great blog! You know my fiancé is really into this whole tv wedding thing, and she makes me sit and watch with her some of the shows, including this one that you blogged about. It's really not my thing but I see how excited she gets lol. Keep them coming and we'll keep on reading! -Anthony

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