Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who said they have to be white???

Wedding Shoes: Who said they have to be white??

The concept of wearing colored shoes seems to be everything right now. It is a small detail (maybe not that small...), that can add a lot to the whole look!! Bright, fun and funky, this trend is growing in popularity.

I’ve put together some photos of real brides with real colored shoes. The more I look at them, the more I agree that white shoes are not for me anymore. Just not sure what color to choose.

What is your color???

Images credit - Photographers:
Red: White Box Wedding / Pink: Ashley Bartoletti / Blue: Jessica Strickland / Light Blue: Leah Powell / Green with flower: Nicole Dixon / Green: Cory Parris / Orange: Sweet Monday.


  1. yes, i too love the colored shoe trend. but i don't know if i can commit to one color. I have a feeling I will be buying multiple pairs of wedding shoes, anyway- i am not good at decision making! (and the one pair of shoes i did fall in love with, gold+bow+flats+isaac=bliss, did not come in my size, as i am a big footed bride :( )

    i can't wait to see what color you choose!

  2. Im definitely doin color too... i love the look! :)

  3. Yeah, I love this idea. It definitely shows originality. Great post.

  4. I will definately be wearing a color, so they can be worn again!