Monday, November 10, 2008

Taste to the eyes

Today I received an email from David’s Bridal with their new selection of cakes where "fashion meets frosting".

The top 20 cakes listed are actually a combination of wedding cake design that complements their current wedding dresses’ style and colors.

What a nice way to start the week with so many beautiful options to look around.

Nowadays, wedding cakes are far from traditional. They can taste and look like anything the groom and bride wish for. The texture, the colors, the shape and size, the decoration, the topper… it is all about reflecting the couple’s personality.

Here are some of my favorite cakes I've seen around the internet that I would like to share :-) .

Images credit
Picture 1: white cake-kakes by karen; green and blue cakes-jim smeal; boxes cake-cake work
Picture 2: gold and green cakes-fleur de lisa; white and black cake-michelle bommarito; yellow cake-cake works


  1. I love all those pics of those cakes! They are fabulous. but they almost look too pretty to eat! lol.

    Happy Monday!