Monday, January 12, 2009


Have you ever thought of having a not so formal RSVP card for your wedding, but didn’t know exactly the right words to use?
Below are a few options of fun and funny RSVP wording for a casual / informal celebration from Verseit. They have a huge collection of verse choices for many different occasions.
Hope you enjoy it!

Please join us for the celebration. Respond by DATE
____ Yes, we're looking forward to the party.
____ Sorry, can't make it, but are sending good wishes!

Please respond on or before DATE
M ___________________
can / cannot accept your kind invitation to the wedding

Please come, rain or shine!
Let us know by DATE
M ________________
___ I'll have my umbrella on hand!
___ I'll have to take a rain check!

Please respond tu us by DATE
____Tu fun tu resist!
____Tu bad we have plans.

The daisies will wilt without you!
Please respond by DATE
___ Yes! We'll bring our watering can!
___ No! But save the petals for us!

Your invite turns into a pumpkin after midnight of DATE
M ____________
___ We'll be there with bells on!
___ The video version will have to do!

Reserve your good seats by DATE
__Touchdown! Will be there!
__ Time Out! Can't make it.

Ready to celebrate?Let us know by this date: DATE
___ Sounds great...we won't be late!
__ Just can't make it...but congratulations!

Please be snappy and respond by DATE
___ Yes, we'll be in the picture!
___ Sorry, we're not wishes!

M __________________
___Looking forward to the toasting,dining, dancing and reminiscing!Number attending __
___ Can't attend, but we send NAME our best.



  1. Just found your blog and really enjoyed it, I just posted on this issue the other day.

    check out the multiple options on my blog.