Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chivari Chairs

There is something about Chivari chairs that I love! Nothing against the covered chairs with bows. I am just not a huge fan of them.
Chivaris are elegant just the way they are.

Surfing around the net, I've found Chivari chairs with an extra touch and had to share. Aren't they lovely?

If you are having Chivaris for your wedding, even if you add a little something to the groom's and bride's chairs only, it will make a beautiful difference.

Image 01-laura novak; image 02-azul photography; image 03-sms photography; image 04-honours hiers fine art photography; image 05-jennifer skog; image 06-david wolf.


  1. I'm all about chiavari chairs, and i just negotiated a fantastic deal for me and my best friend (weddings are 6 months apart) for less than $5/chair including tax/setup/delivery/same night pick up - any color and SATIN cushions! It was my biggest accomplishment this week! :)


  2. I love Chivari chairs, but the chairs at my venue are great so I'm using those.
    AmyJean that is fabulous!

  3. Great post! thanks for the inspiration

  4. I love those pics of the chairs! I especially like the one with the orange!! It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wow!
    those look great!

    I love the idea of hanging flowers off the back. You can't do that with plain old chair and covers.