Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice, ice, baby.

Have you ever thought of having an ice bar to entertain your guests?
I am not a huge fan of ice sculptures, but those ice bars where your guests can get their drinks directly from the ice sculpture are really getting my attention.
Besides adding some elegance to your celebration, they are really fun.
I am sure your guest will think those ice bars are in fact hot.

Images borrowed from by your side events:

Images borrowed from innovative ice


  1. I had wanted to do something like this because when else would you have the excuse to do something so over the top!

  2. Those are rockin' I would love to have one,but it is so not in the budget!

  3. wow! i really like the first one...that would be amazing to have...wonder how $$$!

  4. I love the ice sculptures with a function!