Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Bright Details...

Today, looking over one of my wedding magazines, I came across the article: On the Bright Side (Elegant Bride Magazine – Winter 2009 edition).
I had read it before, but for some reason I didn’t really pay close attention to some very unique details.
The 2009 trend is all about hot, bright, vibrant colors! Perhaps the words bright side, bright colors got my full interest today.

Sheridan & Bo, the couple featured on the article, chose Santa Barbara-CA as their destination wedding celebrating it with vibrant colors.

The outdoor ceremony had an all white palette with white flowers and chivari chairs with cream cushion. For the reception however, red linens and chair covers were paired with flowers in hot pinks and oranges. Vibrant pink, orange, red and yellow blossoms burst from every corner.

Even the bride’s nails were in hot pink… and talking about the bride, how gorgeous is that shoe from MiuMiu???

Last but not least, I am so in love with this feather headpiece. Not too long ago I posted about the feather wedding headpieces from Breeziway (here). When I saw this picture today, I thought… hummm… it really looks very nice! I am definitely considering to wear something like that on my reception.

To contrast the yellow, red, orange and pink, this beautiful, full of details blue cake:

All pictures were taken by Elizabeth Messina. Elizabeth was considered as one of the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world by Modern Bride and one of the Top 25 trendsetter of 2008.
All pictures borrowed from here


  1. Hmmm... based on your post and my post today maybe I am not so off the mark.

    I love her headpiece as well - but am definitely not brave enough to wear it.

  2. Ummmmmm. I have a huge crush on Sheridan and Bo. Did you see their video? Full tears streaming down my face... shamelessly.

  3. I am Sheridan!! The woman who put our spread in Elegant Bride just let me know this was on here - I am so beyond flattered! Glad to know y'all didn't think my crazy choices were too insane :)

  4. I was at the wedding! The pictures do not do justice. Everything was effortlessly beautiful including the bride. Any wedding will be beautiful if tips are taken from Sheridan and Bo’s wedding!

  5. Hi Sheridan,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!
    I loved your "crazy choices"...the shoes, the feathers, the colors...everything was amazing!!!
    After watching the video, I agree with “anonymous” that the pictures didn't do any justice, the real thing must have been out of this world. I had tears watching you singing...
    Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding!!!