Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pomanders !

Decorating a church usually includes decorations for the pew, aisle decorations, altar decorations, church entry decoration and church door decorations. How many dozens and dozens of flowers would it take to decorate every spot??
Instead of having high and huge flower decors, I’ve always thought that a simple and beautiful decoration would add a sense of calm and freshness all around. I just never got the final decision of which flower to use…
I am really starting to love the idea of having pomanders line the aisle for the ceremony. Pomanders can be very attractive to an entryway and it is also an alternative for the flower girl instead of the traditional bouquet or flower basket.
Here are some pomander that were used for a ceremony decoration that caught my attention lately.

Image credits: - 2.mike kehr photography - 3.artisanevents - world studios - 5.lime street studios.


  1. They can work as bouquet too. They are great on pews and smell delish.

  2. These and orbs are playing a huge part in our wedding. I love the clean yet whimsy look of the orb!

  3. I love the colors of the first one. Your selection of pics makes me wish we had an aisle to walk down decorated with these.

  4. I love these little guys. My flowergirl is carrying a Pomander.