Monday, February 16, 2009

Will you be my groomsman???

Every bride has her own special way to invite her bridesmaids.

We always think of something nice for our girls. A special card, a special message, a special gift...whatever will make them feel special for being part of our big day and plannings.

How about the groomsman? Why not send something special for them as well? After all, they will also be part of your wedding party.

Today, I've found out two very interesting things for these guys.
The first finding that I would like to share with all of you, are these really cute cards that your fiancee (or yourself) can send them to make an "official invitation".

Also, If you want to make sure they know what their responsiblities really are, you might want to send attached to the "groomsman invitation" this website, which was my second finding of the day: The Groom's Guide.
This site explains what it takes to be a best man or a groomsman.
Fun !

Pictures borrowed from greeting cards universe


  1. Um ... my fiance's groomsmen would have thought that either (a) I was inviting them, or (b) Wade lost his ... gumption.

    Except for the "Fishing for for Groomsmen ... Need a few suckers to bite". That one they might have chuckled at. That's pretty funny.

    But the rest ... let's just say it wouldn't have worked for my fiance.